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Broadband Offers Not To Be Missed in 2024

Now more than ever, broadband is something many people rely on daily. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, a strong online network provides a great way to stay connected to family, friends, business associates, and the world. To get the best value, browse the latest offers online.

If the number of Broadband Choices available is overwhelming, don’t give up. See all the offers easily on one page from leading provider BT broadband. Simply enter your postcode and use the filters to find the best plan for you. Compare deals at a glance to find what works for your household.

Compare Broadband Packages

Packages fall into three categories. If fibre is available in your area, then that is an option, as are packages that combine broadband and TV, as well as standard or broadband-only plans.

Now it’s easier than ever to see what’s available for an affordable rate, with various fibre and ADSL varieties out there. Look at the speed you want and what’s within your budget as two main considerations for the best offers for you.

Which One to Get: Standard, BT Fibre Optic, or Broadband and TV?

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As earlier mentioned, there are three different categories for the deals. Once you decide what’s best, then customize them through BT so that you can get precisely what you want. And don’t miss the deals that are always updating!


The Standard package has a 10Mb download speed, on average, and the option to get more than that too. It includes a wireless router and free access to literally millions of public Wi-fi hotspots around the UK through BT and virus protection for as many as two devices.

Fibre Optic

If you want to stream movies, play and download games, and browse online, then the fibre optic package is likely the better option for your family, particularly with so much time indoors during COVID-19 times. Packages come with a wireless router and free access to the millions of public hotspots across the UK.

Depending on which of the packages you choose, download speeds average 36Mb, 50Mb, and 67Mb. Obviously, the packages with faster speeds are perfect for families and those who are in shared accommodations who want to play games and stream shows without long wait times for connections.


To get TV, simply use the box you receive to watch, pause, rewind, and record the shows and movies on Freeview that you want, when you want them. You can even add shows, such as BT sport channels and Syfy. The TV options are available with fibre.

What BT Broadband Deals are There?

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There are several variations of the three types of packages mentioned above. Below are some of the many offers available for standard, fibre broadband, and broadband and TV, all conveniently available from BT.

For Standard Broadband

A super low-price option for broadband for only £24.99 per month. With such a cheap price, you can’t expect superfast speeds, but it’s too good of a deal to pass up!

With an average download speed of 10Mbps, this deal spans 24 months, and it includes pay as you go calls. It’s a top UK offer for a limited time, according to your postcode.

Best BT Broadband and TV Deals

First is the BT broadband and BT Sport on the go package at a low £34.99 monthly for 24 months. It’s amazingly low in price, so don’t expect it to be ultra-fast, but for the good 10Mbps speed, you’ll get access to BT Sport on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Using the BT Sport app, watch tons of sports matches in stunning high definition while on the go. This package even includes a pay as you go phone, all while staying within your budget.

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Alternatively, sign up for the Broadband and BT Sport on Sky package for only £40.99 monthly. Access BT Sport on your Sky box if you or anyone else in the home considers themselves the ultimate sports fan.

With so much to watch at such a ridiculously low price, we can’t expect lightning-fast speeds, but it’s still respectable at 10Mbps, especially when you know the price will stay low each month and that it comes with a pay as you go phone too.

Deals for Fibre Broadband

Rev up your broadband with this great value deal. When speed matters the most to you, check out the latest offers for broadband and other leading providers to make sure you get the best deal available for your postcode before the sale ends.

Special offers are always coming up, so be sure to check back regularly for the low-price packages that meet what your household is looking for these days. As well, even includes parental controls with each package and online storage, too, for your convenience. Record shows and re-watch them from where they’re stored whenever you want, so you never feel bored while at home.

More about BT

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There’s a good reason why many people are looking at broadband for their streaming needs. BT is reliable, which means everything when you’re isolated at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Playing games and watching TV shows are entertainment that can take your mind off the news of the day and give you some relief from stress.

Meanwhile, let’s say you primarily use the internet for emails, browsing the web, posting your car online for sale, using social media, and streaming videos. If so, then a Standard package is likely what you’ll find is the best fit. This information applies to not only BT but other major leaders like Virgin Media and Hyperoptic.

Check what deals and speeds are available in your area now. The right package for you depends on how many people in the home are using gadgets and streaming, for example. If there are a lot of people, then a fibre optic bundle likely makes sense. Find out what limited-time deals are in your area today!

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