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More commonly known as Brandy, she is a well-known producer, singer and songwriter, and recently an actress from the USA who became very famous after the release of her album No. 2 tat is called Never Say Never.

Brandy Norwood

Personal Life

She was born on the 11th of February 1979 and her real name is Brandy Rayana Norwood. Her father’s name is Willie Norwood and her mother’s name is Sonja Norwood. Her mother had the biggest impact on her career path since she worked as a district manager for H&R Block. The talent for songwriting and music came from her dad since he was a gospel singer and he was a choir director at the same time. We need to mention that her entire family is in music and entertainment since an entertainer called Ray J. is her brother while Snoop Dogg and Sasha Banks are her relatives.


Brandy and Snoop Dog

Initially, she lived in McComb, LA, California, but her family decided to move when she was five. It should be mentioned that she did not finish her highs school, i.e. Hollywood High School, and that she was homeschooled from the tenth grade.

Love Life

It should be mentioned that she was romantically involved in several relationships. One of the most interesting things about her personal love life happened when she went to a prom in Lower Merion High School. Why? Well, her date at this prom was a man named Kobe Bryant who later one became one of the best-known basketball players in the world of all times.

It should be mentioned that Brandy often mentions Wanya Morris as her first true love. This man is a lead singer and his band is called Boys II Men. It should be also added that he was the one to break up and it was just before her 19th birthday celebration. She was in a relationship with Mase, who is a rapper, but their relationship did not last long.

Brandy Norwood

One of the most important of her relationships was with Robert Smith. She got acquainted to him when she was working on her album called Full Moon. They were hiding for almost two years before their relationship became public. However, it did not last long since they split up sometime after they went public. It should be noted that they a daughter together and that she is called Sy’raiIman Smith. In an interview, Smith has stated that they married in 2004 but that the primary reason for doing this was the protection of Brandy’s reputation.

Quentin Richardson, who is an NBA player for LA Clippers, was engaged to Brandy for 15 years but this ended in their splitting up in 2005. Her next partner was Florida, who is a rapper, but this also did not last long since they saw the ending of their relationship in April 2014.


We should mention that Brandy has been a supporting vocal for a long time, even from her earliest age. Years were needed for her to release her debut album, and it happened in 1993. However, she then made a break that lasted until 1998. During the music break, she had a role in Moesha, which is a sitcom. 1998 saw the release of The Boy Is Mine, her single after a long time and soon after it, she released Never Say Never, her second album that brought her fame.

After this, she released other albums. First, Full Moon was released in 2002 while Afrodisiac saw the debut in 2004. Then, 2008 saw the release of the album called Human while 2012 saw the release of the album called To Eleven.


She was also involved in acting and she had parts in films called The Game and Zoe Ever After. She also had some other movie and series appearances, as well.


Brandy’s word has not been unrecognized since she has won 1 Grammy. Apart from this, she has also won 3 American Music Awards and 14 Billboard Music Awards. These are just the most famous ones.

Net worth

Brandy Norwood

Currently, her net worth is estimated at about 15 million USD, and the main source of income is music and album sales.

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