Blackjack Terminology all Beginner Players need to Know

Blackjack is a card game of chance that is quite popular in most casinos and has gained cult status among gamblers of all profiles. The chance of winning at blackjack is even five times higher than at roulette so this is another reason why many gamblers choose this game. This game brings a lot of excitement as you increase your chances of winning with your math skills. It is the only gambling game where a player, counting the cards issued, can gain an advantage over the casino. This does not apply to online casinos as a new deck of cards is always used for sharing.

He played 52 cards in the game. Blackjack begins with the role of a player, one or more of them, at a blackjack table. After the players have invested their chips, the game begins. The main goal of the game is to surpass the dealer, by achieving a higher sum of cards than the dealer, and the number is less than 21. If your cards exceed the sum of 21, you are automatically eliminated from the game. and lose. Sounds too complicated, doesn’t it? And it’s not, but you will have to master the terminology of this game before you can play.



Casino, the place where every game begins. There are online and land ones. In the last few years, online casinos have experienced a real expansion, and we can freely say that the coronavirus pandemic contributed to this when we were forced to stay at home and respect preventive measures. It was the moment when many players realized that they are not losing on the quality of the game, but they are gaining time because they can play whenever they want, from anywhere. Did we mention bonuses? We will mention it below. Best of all, you can play live with players around the world, whatever game you want because the choice is the same as in land casinos. You can learn more if you click on 9winz.


This is the first room you enter when entering the land casino. Why would it be any different with an online casino? So, this is the first screen that opens when you access the game.



This is a word we all love to hear, and you will hear it very often if you opt for online casinos – welcome bonus, deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus, referral bonus, and many more. In fact, it is a gift to the players in the form of an additional cash loan or the return of part of the money already lost in the game. In any case, the bonus is always welcome.


A croupier is a person who shuffles tickets, receives money, and pays winnings. The person doing this job is extremely professional and must not show affection to any player.



Bankroll is a term used for money that a player has set aside just for gambling. This is very important for responsible gambling.


At the beginning of the game, each player receives two cards. It’s up to him to choose whether to stay on them or say Hit, or ask for more cards to get closer to the sum of 21. The moment he gets a number higher than that, he loses the game and it’s called Bust.



This is an option that appears as a greater chance for the player to get a blackjack. So, when a player gets two of the same cards, he is offered the split option. The player is then dealt another card in both places and, if he gets to get the same cards again, depending on the game or casino, he can split that hand again.

Double down

Duplicate roles. The croupier awards another card to the player. This increases the player’s chance of winning, but if he loses, he does not get more cards.



This word can be found in many casino games, including this one. If a player chooses this option, he leaves the game and gives up half of his stake. There is also a Late Surrender, and it differs from the first only from the moment you decide to take this step.

How do I choose the right casino?

The fact is that the Internet has made our lives easier in many ways, but it also has a downside – a lot of scams. Today it is easy to find an online casino, but how do you know that it is not a scam and that it will not disappear after you deposit your money? It is difficult to give the right answer to this question, but what each player can do for himself is to approach with caution, that is, to choose a verified, licensed casino. Reading reviews or experiences of other players can also be very useful.

How do I choose the right game?


To play any casino game, you must be in the mood to play. The first and golden rule is to never play if you are in a bad mood, as the chances are higher that you will make some reckless decision during the game. In addition, consider which game suits you best – whether it is a random game such as a slot or one of the card games that require you to be 100% involved in the game, and that you can influence its outcome.

How much should I invest?

No one can tell you how much is enough to invest in the game. You know that best yourself. In any case, follow the golden rule, which is that you do not enter more than what you are willing to lose, that is, that the game does not affect the quality of your daily life.

Learn how to play


Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to start playing blackjack for free online. Of course, you will not win any money here, but you will also not lose it if luck turns its back on you. Still, this can be a good exercise for you to play in the future.

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