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6 Reasons Why Black Lipstick Is Back In Style In 2024

The most interesting part about fashion is that we can see a combination of the most recent and circulating trends. For example, there are many advancements related to new materials, alternative notes, and products. On the other side, some trends can be popular for a year or two, completely forgotten, and then back in style again.

The same is with the black color. While the clothes are always popular when it is in darker notes, especially because you can easily combine it with various outfits, black lipstick is more unique. As we all know, red is the most common and popular option for a long time while black was linked with alternative fashion back in the 80s and 90s.

However, we can notice that a lot of people are now wearing this note of lipstick. It is especially attractive if you prefer a gothic style with interesting accessories. Visit to check out some of the best black lipsticks available on the market today. Moreover, we are going to present you with some of the main reasons why this option is so popular in 2024.

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1. It Makes You More Attractive

The most important thing is to pay attention to choose a proper combination of outfits and accessories and make them compatible with black notes on your lips. People got used to red and pink, along with some other notes, and one of the main reasons why this one will affect your appearance is because it is unique. The fact is that most man will pay attention to the lips when there are on a date, and having full shiny lips covered with high-quality dark notes will bring even more attention.

2. You Will Appear More Mysterious

As we already mentioned, this option is excellent if you want to look unique. Also, it will add a note of mystery to your character, which is great for various occasions. For example, you can express that you are a serious person while at a business meeting. Besides that, you can show everyone that you can think on your own, and don’t rely only on mainstream methods, that you are strong, confident, and prepared to take risks when needed.

3. Great Choice for Any Outfit

Another advantage of wearing black lipstick is that you can play around with different clothes. A lot of people might assume that you can combine it only with darker colors and a particular design. However, you can experiment with all types of designs. Also, you can be sure that the main focus of people will be on your lips. It is easier to combine this option than any other note since it goes perfectly with dresses, elegant clothes, and casual as well.

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4. Less Need for Makeup

Wearing black notes on your lips will place them in the foreground. Therefore, you don’t need to apply so much makeup on your face and around your eyes. The best combination is to leave your face’s natural notes and apply the proper amount of black mascara around your eyes. That will provide perfect balance, and it won’t appear like that you are wearing too much makeup.

5.  Uniqueness

The main reason why this is so popular these days is that is not conventional. As we can notice, people live being unique and distinguished from mainstream trends. However, it will require some courage and skills to make it suitable for your character and outfit. If you are not sure what to wear, you cannot make mistake if you choose black clothes. On the other side, the combination with other colors makes you appear even more unique and intriguing.

6. Celebrities

It is not a rare case that popular people are the ones who can make some trend popular. The same is with black lipsticks. We can notice a huge increase in popularity of this note after some celebrities like Rihanna and Lorde started wearing it in public. Other popular women are wearing it as well, like Zendaya, Demi Lovato, Lucy Hale, FKA Twigs, Halsey, and more.

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How to Choose the Best Product?

Many people avoid black and other darker notes because they think how it won’t be suitable with their skin, hair, or clothes. However, the best example is celebrities. You can see that they can manage to look amazing while wearing it, and there is no reason to not try it yourself as well. On the other side, you should pay more attention and be sure that it is suitable.

For example, be sure to never go too much with dark notes, especially with makeup, unless you want to point out that you prefer gothic culture. You can look elegant and attractive with a balanced combination of outfit, natural skin, light levels of mascara, and high-quality black lipstick.

When it comes to the selection of products, the best solution is to focus only on well-known brands. Always check the products and materials used in the production, especially if you are allergic to some ingredients. Also, high-quality brands are offering products that provided a more attractive appearance, matte or shiny models, improved resistance, and other benefits.

One of the best products is the black note introduced by Kat von D. You can choose from over 40 different notes of black, and it can last throughout the whole day without losing its features. If you prefer matte-finished models, we suggest you try Maybelline black lipstick. Also, if you are interested in the darker version of black, check out Bite Beauty.

Last Words

There is no reason to avoid experimenting with your style. Even though there are many ways to make a mistake, chances are quite small that you will go wrong with this choice. The most important things are to focus on your make-up and avoid applying too much of it, and your outfit, which has to be suitable with darker notes. Wearing this note on your lipstick is the best way to show that you are independent, confident, and strong women.

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