6 Best VPS Ubuntu Hosting

While it is easier to come across Linux web hosting solutions almost everywhere, the best Ubuntu hosting services can be slightly difficult to find.

Operating systems are typically not a major part of the marketing plans of most web hosting providers. At the same time, most of the site owners also do not specifically look into the particular program they are using. However, experienced developers and those having complex projects might have the ability to leverage the benefit of reliability and stability of Ubuntu.

What are the Best Overall Ubuntu Hosting Services?

Ubuntu has been derived from an African term implying ‘humanity to others.’ The solution was launched in 2004. It was developed after a team of Debian developers came up with Canonical with the objective to bring forth free software to the widest possible audience.

The overall popularity of Ubuntu has increased steadily in the duration of past few decades. Therefore, it has become one of the most utilized Linux server distributions by the time of 2016. In the modern era, almost third of all sites using Linux tend to depend on Ubuntu.

Discerning users who are concerned about the operating system will most likely look at a VPS hosting or dedicated hosting provider. Therefore, we aim at providing insight into the best VPS Ubuntu hosting services.

1. VPS Server


With VPS Server, you can get access to seamless VPS Ubuntu and Linux hosting services with a dedicated VPS server. The platform provides a one-day Linux or Ubuntu hosting trial without any requirement of credit card. It serves to be an excellent way to access the overall benefits of VPS server without making any commitment. The free trial plan allows you to receive access to the Linux or Ubuntu VPS with end-to-end administrative rights along with the ability to tailor your specific needs. It is also possible to test the overall features and performance of the VPS server without no risk.

With VPS Server, you will receive access to a comprehensive range of advanced features on the website. It includes the ability to easily scale up or down -based on your specific needs. It is also possible to access services from the 24/7 customer team of VPS Server -helping with all issues or queries. At VPS Server, you are provided with a wide range of Linux VPS OS or operation systems -including Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. Each of the respective operating systems feature unique capabilities. Therefore, you can choose the one depending on your needs. Leverage the benefit of our one-day trial of Linux VPS services while also harnessing the benefits of VPS server as well.

2. LiquidWeb VPS


LiquidWeb is one of the most specialized services in the list of Ubuntu VPS services. The brand is aimed at focusing on the high-performance domain of the hosting end. Here, the main concept is managed services -enabling you to build your overall business rather than struggling with technology.

The VPS plans of LiquidWeb are capable of supporting a broad range of different operating systems. While there is the availability of Windows Server, you will get a comprehensive range of Linux-specific distributions. The range is responsible for covering everything -right from Ubuntu to CentOS. There is also the option of swapping Operating System anytime. However, LiquidWeb does not allow you to install the custom Operating System on the VPS plans.

VPS plans with LiquidWeb is available with the uptime guarantee of 100 percent. Once you have added all the core features, you will find that the pricing will be quite competitive.

3. A2 Hosting VPS


The wide range of hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting VPS is known for its reliability. A2 Hosting VPS comes forth with two broader categories of VPS plans. You will get access to either unmanaged or managed hosting solutions. When you will request the Ubuntu installation, it is easier to work upon managed plans.

In addition to this, A2 Hosting also provides benefits in the unmanaged VPS hosting plans. The subsequent plans are available with the option of reinstalling the operating system. The feature will enable you to swap to the Ubuntu installation at any instance effortlessly. Some more operating systems supported are AlmaLinux 8, Debian 10, and CentOS 7. Another major highlight of the VPS provider is that it offers the money-back guarantee. The company will offer full refunds in case you cancel its plan within 30 days of use.

4. InMotion Hosting VPS


InMotion comes forth with a comprehensive range of hosting services. You get access to both managed as well as unmanaged VPS plans. These are available as cloud-based plans that make InMotion Hosting quite a reliable VPS solution. The unmanaged VPS plans offered by InMotion are not quite user-friendly and might require some technical skills to handle the same.

With complete control and remote access, you can effectively configure the VPS to the right specifications. At the same time, there is also the provision of automation tools that will help you in pushing the limits of the unmanaged VPS. The managed VPS plans of InMotion are quite excellent as they offer a wide range of features to the users. Some of the features to look out for are Ubuntu OS, NVMe-powered storage, and so more.

5. Hostinger Ubuntu VPS


Most view Hostinger as the cost-effective hosting solution. While it does offer cost-effective hosting plans, it does not imply that it does not extend any additional feature. Hostinger VPS is known to offer access to only unmanaged VPS hosting services. Still, it delivers specialized templates that can be used for server configurations. The templates tend to be quite extensive. Moreover, you can also get your Ubuntu VPS server in as short span of time.

The respective Bare OS installations are capable of supporting Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04. Unmanaged VPS hosting with Hostinger is available with root access. This allows you to optimize the overall performance while losing out on minimal resources to unrequired package installations.

6. ScalaHosting VPS


ScalaHosting serves to be one of the most unique brands because of its capability of building proprietary applications. One of the most significant aspects of ScalaHosting VPS is SPanel. It is a free web hosting control panel that helps in avoiding expensive cPanel fees. It is a great alternative to the standard control panel feature.

Like most other hosts, ScalaHosting offers access to both unmanaged & managed VPS plans. The managed VPS plan is available with the CentOS operating system by default. If you wish to change the Operating System, you can request for the change later. It could be quite difficult.

The unmanaged VPS plan of ScalaHosting helps you in choosing the Operating System at the time of configuration. The method will be more useful. It is because you can effectively forego managed services. You have the option of choosing from Ubuntu 20.04, CentOS 7, Alma Linux 8, Rocky Linux 8, and so more.

For Ubuntu distirbutions, ScalaHosting does not offer any support. If you are looking for relevant support, you are expected to download and deploy the same. The highlight of the VPS provider is SPanel. It is free from control panel. At the same time, it also remains compatible to cPanel. This implies that you are capable of migrating the existing cPanel-based account to ScalaHosting with minimal issues.

What is Ubuntu and Why Should You Use Ubuntu VPS Hosting?

Ubuntu VPS Server is a platform-independent VPS or Virtual Private Server that makes use of the Ubuntu Operating System. The platform is built on Debian Linux or GNU distribution while offering a wide range of features that are not offered by other VPS providers.

Ubuntu VPS server is quite famous with leading web hosting providers like VPS Server. It is also popular amongst organizations that require access to a platform that can be easily managed and customized. Some of the primary benefits of Ubuntu VPS hosting are:

  • Ubuntu VPS server is a platform-independent VPS that makes use of the Ubuntu operating system.
  • Therefore, Ubuntu VPS can be utilized with a wide range of different hardware. As such, it is a popular choice with most organizations and web hosting providers requiring a platform to be managed effectively.
  • Ubuntu VPS server is also famous amongst web developers and similar professionals requiring access to a platform that can be used for the development and deployment of web applications.
  • Ubuntu VPS Server is also known to offer regular security updates. In the duration of every six months, Ubuntu VPS is available with relevant maintenance updates -quite similar to the desktop equivalent. Additionally, it also makes use of the SSM to improve the overall security.


Ubuntu is one of the most commonly used Linux distributions for VPS hosting. One of the major reasons why it is ideal for VPS hosting is that it is immensely powerful and is available with a comprehensive software storage that is excellently lightweight.

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