The Best Accessories for Your Skoda

The gang at Skoda are a pretty innovative bunch. They’ve pretty much got a rad accessory for anything and everything you’d ever need. So we wanted to break down the best of the best of Skoda accessories, so you know exactly how you can level up your Skoda to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Let’s get into it.

For the Whole Family


Hittin’ the road with the kids in tow? We’ve got you covered. Road trips with the whole family can get a little messy at times… but not with this collection of Skoda accessories.

Boot Accessories


Get organised with a range of boot accessories. The netting system will allow you to slide different equipment and gear into the side of your boot, giving you more floor space for the rest of your cargo. Chuck in a boot mat or boot dish to keep everything contained, or fixing points to stop your gear from rolling around in the back when you’re coming around corners. You can even insert sliding dividers to make separate sections for different types of cargo.

Smart Holder


We all love our kids… but sometimes we just need a little peace and quiet on a long road trip. Luckily, Skoda has a range of smart holders for your car, including the multimedia holder. Put your tablet up, pop a movie on, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Skoda’s Smart Holder also comes in a range of different configurations, including a hook to hold bags, and a hanger for those needing to keep clothing smooth and wrinkle-free.

Cooling Box


Whether you’ve got kids or you’re going on a road trip, you need snacks on deck. That’s where the thermo-electric cooling boxes come in. Not only will it keep drinks and food cool and fresh, but the cooling box can also be transformed into a heating box to keep snacks warm. We love multi-functionality!

Anchor it to the back seat safety belt mountings and enjoy.

Car Mats and Seat Covers


This one kind of goes without saying, but family trips can get a little bit messy. Protect the floors and seats of your Skoda by putting some car mats and seat covers in. No more having to scrub after the kids track their muddy footprints into the back seat – just whip the car mats and seat covers out and easily wash.

Door edge protection


You know when you get back into the garage and the kids fling their doors open and whack them on the wall and you die a little bit inside? Well Skoda thought of that with their plastic-trim door-edge protection, meaning the kids can whack away and your car doesn’t have to suffer.

Hitting the road for some adventure?


You’ll probably have some gear to cart around, right? Need a little bit of extra space for the kids, the cargo, and the canine? Whatever you’re after, Skoda has an accessory for that.

Roof Racks


Roof racks are available for a range of Skoda models, and are the best way to cart around all that tricky stuff that won’t fit in the boot. Whatever you’ve got, pop it on top and hit the road.

Luggage Box


The luggage box is a great option if you have a bunch of stuff you don’t want exposed to the elements as you hurtle down the freeway. Extra clothes, sporting stuff, snacks… whatever you’ve got, it’ll be safe and sound in the luggage box.

Dog Safety Belt and Back Seat Protection


Dogs are members of the family, and that means they need to be taken care of when you’re hitting the road. Luckily, Skoda has thought about that. Strap your best pal in with a dog safety belt, or keep them safe with back seat protection that essentially creates a little soft enclosure for your pup to chill out in.

Bicycle Carrier


Love the active lifestyle and want to cycle somewhere new? Get yourself a bicycle carrier. You’ve got a couple of different options for bike transportation – either a tow bar carrier, or a back rack on top of your car. Both are simple and convenient ways to bring your bike with you, and ensure you can hit the trails when they call to you.

Mud Flaps


If you’re planning on going off the beaten track with one of the Skoda SUV models, mud flaps are essential. Put simply, they protect your vehicle from all the dirt you’ll encounter, as well as preventing scratches or corrosion.

Accessories to make your life easier


Skoda is known for their Simply Clever design, and have incorporated the potential for a range of accessories that will just make life that little bit easier.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Skoda got a little sneaky with their Simply Clever storage solutions. We’re talking secret hooks that fold out to hold your bags, a hidden umbrella compartment, easily removable rubbish bin, extra storage pockets for your phone and other bits and pieces, as well as different compartments sprinkled throughout the cabin.

Multimedia holder

The most convenient way to stop all your stuff sliding around the cabin – the multimedia holder and additional compartments. Pop your phone, keys, and coins in their designated slots and know that they’re secure, no matter how quickly you spin around that corner.

Retractable sun blinds

Skoda have some really cool retractable sun blinds that you can roll down when you need or retract when you want some extra natural light filtering in.

So what’ll it be?

So we’ve run through all of our favourite Skoda accessories, and we’ve either made the decision easier or much, much harder. You’re pretty spoiled for choice, but your best bet in figuring out exactly what you need for your car and lifestyle is to head on in to a Skoda dealership like and ask the pros.

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