Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Baby Bassinet In Your Home

A baby bassinet or a bassinette is designed especially for babies who are in their first few months after birth. These baby bassinets help the baby to sleep with recommendable safety standards and work with their fixed legs or casters with the cradles, providing a rocking or gliding motion for the baby sleeping inside.

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While most parents are rather confused with the sleeping arrangement of their baby, that is, will the baby sleep in the same room as their parents or need a separate room, we recommended the new-parents to make use of this easy-to-move baby bassinet.

Nevertheless, it is on the parents to decide where they would like their little baby to sleep and what kind of arrangement they make. While most parents are still doubtful about the baby bassinet, this article will help you answer most of your queries and let you make the valuable decision for your infant after reading the content.

Do you need a Bassinet?


These are highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC, considering their consumer product safety commission that allows you to keep your baby safe and let them have a good sleep. Perhaps, when it comes to deciding on which baby bassinet is the best, we advise our readers to click on the link mentioned in the above session and consider their pros and cons and choose as per your and the baby’s choice.

Considering the confusion that most moms end up being in, should you allow the baby to co-sleep with you and make them a bedside sleeper or let them have their own independent room, depends as per the requirement and the need of the baby. If the little angel isn’t well or is facing anxiety, we recommend you to let them sleep beside you for a few days, on the other hand, if you are just starting off, it is generally recommended for parents to help the baby be independent and allow them to get their sweet sleep in their baby bassinet.

Why purchase a bassinet?

Let the baby sleep in a bassinet because:

1. They are safe


Bassinets are designed to be safe for newborn babies as they are made keeping in mind to make it baby safe and help create a healthy sleeping environment. These also have sturdy bottoms with a wide base that allows the infant to have more room, to roll, and sleep freely without any danger.

A good quality baby bassinet features a smooth surface with mesh sides that prevent any scratches on the sensitive skin of the baby. The weight limit is another criteria that you must keep in mind while purchasing, as they mention the recommended age (for instance – up to 6 months old).

While the cribs have reported the risk of SIDS ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), bassinets are medically reviewed to be a safer option, providing safe sleep. You don’t have to stumble through the dark to feed them in the middle of the night, as they are comparatively shorter in size. On the other hand, they are also compatible as a changing table for when a diaper change is needed, allowing you to pick and put your baby back to sleep without any discomfort.

2. Provide safe and comfortable sleep


Do you often find your baby crying in the middle of the night, craving for your attention? This generally happens as the newborns have been under the shelter of the mother’s womb and a sudden breakthrough into the real world could be quite confusing for them.

Enter baby bassinet! These are the best picks for parents that have a crying baby during the nights, as these feature approximately the same sense of being snug and cozy, just like they were in your womb. They are designed to be cocooned, helping the baby fall asleep much faster without any discomfort, in addition to the baby accessories that are built in these bassinets.

In addition to these accessories, many parents choose to place a white noise machine for the little one for better sleep.

3. Are portable and easy to put together


Do you live in a small apartment? If yes, then picking your baby bassinet is the wisest choice to make. This is because they feature in quite a small size that also allows the baby to close at an arm’s reach when you are on your bed.

Adding on, a baby bassinet could easily fit any small space, and parents can quickly assemble and disassemble the Bassinet in just a few minutes when in need or in-store, also making it travel-friendly. Bassinets come in small sizes and are mostly machine washable.

4. Prevents from bugs


We are sure that your baby’s life would take a much better turn when they are placed in their baby bassinet that not only keeps them safe but also prevents any bugs from stinking their soft skin.

Most bassinets come with a hood or a canopy that helps to eliminate any unwanted light, dust, and bugs from disturbing the little ones’ beauty sleep. So, when you are on the hunt, make sure you check for the canopy as well!

To Conclude

We hope that this article has helped you decide if you need bassinets for your baby, considering the reasons mentioned in the article above. Nonetheless, if you have any doubts, feel free to reach out to us!

FAQs: Why to purchase a Baby Bassinet


1. Is it OK to leave the newborn in the baby bassinet awake?

If you want to teach your baby to learn good sleeping habits and stay asleep without much intervention, then it’s completely ok for you to put them in the bassinet awake. However, we would still recommend parents to have a close watch to be on the safer side and prevent any unforeseen dangers.

2. Is bassinet really necessary?

If you are looking to provide a safe and comfortable sleep for your newborn baby, then these bassinets are a must. These come in a wide range, from those with music with the others including a nightlight, vibration, lullabies, all to provide comfort and good sleep.

3. What is better: a bassinet or co-sleeper?

A baby bassinet is specifically designed for newborns babies that weigh roughly up to 25 pounds and is easy to move from one room to another. However, on the other hand, the co-sleeper includes that baby to be right next to you or attached to your bed. Perhaps, deciding amongst them is a personal preference that a parent will need to take.

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