Are Electric Skateboards Legal on UK Roads

Skateboarding has been a popular practice for hundreds of years, and even though the skateboard as we know it was invented in the late 50s, we can see a lot of records of people using similar products far before that to enjoy their time. The electric skateboard was first introduced to the public in the late 1990s, and it became extremely popular no more than a decade ago. However, this unit’s legality has been in the gray area in many countries and continents, and here, we are going to tell you if electric skateboards are legal on UK roads.

Are they legal?


Let’s first see if you are allowed to ride these units in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the answer is no, and they are not legal to ride anywhere in England, Scotland, or Wales.

All of these units that can travel up to 16 miles per hour are permanently banned from riding anywhere in the UK. This means that you are not allowed to use them both on roads and on pavements. Even though we can see some people using them in this country, you should know that people who are doing this are breaking the law and if they get caught, they will get fined for it.

For a long time, these units were in the gray area according to the laws in the United Kingdom, and there were no exact regulations on if you can use them or not. However, with the latest legislation, it was decided that these units are illegal because they are motorized transportation units and they require license and registration, but there is no way to enforce that. So, because there is more trouble to get them licensed and insured than to ban them, the authorities in the UK decided that they are going to put a permanent ban on these units.

One thing that is worth noting is that these laws did not prevent many people from using the electric longboard, and it has been reported that law officers have a hard time enforcing this law. If you go to the United Kingdom, or if you live there, chances are, you can see a lot of people using these units.

This begs the question, is there somewhere in the United Kingdom where people are allowed to use these skateboards, and is there a place where they can use these units without worrying that they are going to get fined? The answer is yes, there is still the gray area and there are still places where you can enjoy riding the electric skateboards.

You can freely ride them on any private land where the landlord permits that, so if you have your own land, there is no law that can ban you from enjoying your motorized electric longboard. Once again, know that once you leave the private property and you move to a place that is owned by the state, you risk getting caught and fined.

If you want to freely enjoy them, then your best bet is to hang out with people who own bigger lands and where you can enjoy the ride with ease. Note that there are other private skate parks where this practice is allowed, but you may have a hard time finding them, and on the same note, you may need to pay a fee to be able to spend a few hours in that park. None of these parks are free for the public to use, since everything is privately owned.

In case you want to see what your options are when choosing the right unit for you, no matter where you are and how much skateboarding knowledge you have, you can click here and find out more about the different types of motorized electric longboard.

Pros and cons of owning one


Now that you know more about the legality of the electric skateboard in the United Kingdom, let’s see what are some of the positives and drawbacks of owning one of these units.

First, you should know that if you choose to use them on any private property, you don’t need to have insurance or any other type of license or registration for the devices. They are a great way to get your exercise since you are going to be engaging most of your muscles riding them. They are a great option for beginners, and even small children learn how to use them. The motorized electric longboard is definitely a fun device, and you are going to enjoy every second that you spend on it.

In addition to this, they are extremely easy to maintain and you won’t have to worry about having to change things or that they are going to get damaged or broken anytime soon. Note that after the initial investment, there are very few things that you may be required to do to keep your board in a mint condition. They are lightweight, easy to carry and store, and they are perfect to have in any household.

When it comes to the drawbacks of these devices, you should know that the electric longboard can be dangerous if it is not driven by people who have the needed skills, and even if you have some experience, you may still injure yourself. Since these devices are electric, they need to be charged, meaning that if you forget to do this, you won’t be able to use your device.

They are far more prone to damage than the traditional non-motorized units, and if you don’t take proper care of them, they will break. All of them have weight limits, so you need to be aware of this when purchasing the unit for your needs. Know that they can be rather expensive, and if you want to invest in a high-quality, reliable, and durable item, you may need to reach deeper into your pocket. They can be difficult to ride when the weather is bad, and if it is raining, experts suggest that you should leave the electric longboard at home.

Have these things on your mind if you want to invest in an electric skateboard, and remember that even though there are gray areas, the motorized electric longboard is officially not legal in the United Kingdom.

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