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Anthony Curcio Net Worth 2024 – Biography and Interesting Facts

If this name sounds familiar to you, but you don’t know where you’ve heard it, we are going to help you to remember. Anthony Curcio is one of the best-known robbers in the whole of U.S. history. But today, he is also an author and a public speaker.

For those wanting to know more about his life and his net worth, we’ve prepared this article.

Early Life of Anthony Curcio

Anthony was born in Monroe, Washington, where he also grew up. He went to Monroe High School and was the captain of both basketball and football teams. He was very good at football and got many awards.

He enrolled at the University of Idaho, where he also played football. But an unfortunate event stopped his career when he tore his ligament. But his sad story didn’t end there, because of the ongoing pain he became addicted to pain killers and had a lot of problems with that. He managed to get better and sober, and he completed a 21-day in-patient program.

Anthony Curcio’s Career

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He named his first business “Tony’s Gaming”, but the police raided his space and storage and shut his business down because he didn’t have proper permits.

He managed to have another business, a real estate investment company, and it looked like he is a regular businessman.

But he was living another life; he was an addict and a criminal. He was spending a lot of money on drugs, but he didn’t earn enough money from his regular business.

His real estate investment firm had a substantial downturn in 2008 when the economy collapsed.

That’s when Curcio decided to rob a Brink’s armored car. It wasn’t his first criminal act, and he knew what he was doing. He planned everything to the detail and managed to escape with more than $400,000 cash.

But not everything was perfect, a few weeks before the robbery he was doing one of his practice runs, and a homeless man saw him, and he wrote the number of his license plates. The homeless guy told everything to the police and gave them the number of the license plates, which was registered to Curcio.

They’ve arrested him in Lake Stevens, Washington, and even his associate came forward and made a deal with the FBI. Most of the money was retrieved, except for the cash Curcio paid his accomplices, which he never sold out.

Anthony was sentenced to 72 months in federal prison, where he wrote a book, “Heist and High”.

He also wrote and illustrated over 20 children’s books. He was released from custody in April 2013.

He decided to work with young people and give presentations regarding drug abuse prevention in schools across the country.

Anthony Curcio’s Net Worth 2024

Today Curcio is not doing any illegal business. He is an author, he gives speeches, and there may be a movie based on his story. Curcio’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million.

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