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All you Need to Know about Thai Massage – 2024 Guide

There are numerous types of massages that a person can get nowadays, and all of them tend to offer a different experience and numerous health benefits.

If you are a person who really enjoys the feeling of being massaged, chances are that you’ll enjoy almost every type of a massage that is known to us. However, if you’re slightly picky in this area, you’ll have to find the right type that makes you feel great both during the procedure and after it.

For many, getting a massage at least once every week is pretty normal, but for others, it’s something that they’ve never even thought about. Does this mean that they’re missing out a lot in their lives? Maybe, and you can learn some more if you stay with us until the end of this article.

Today we’re talking about Thai Massage and the numerous health benefits of it, as well as the origins, best places to attend for the most genuine experience and tons of other interesting things.

If your curiosity already made you find your way here, you might as well stick with us for a while, we promise to keep you entertained. Let’s take a look.

What’s a massage good for?

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One of the worst things that a person can experience is stress. Maybe being stressed every once in a while isn’t that bad, but when you’re living in a modern society filled with problems around every corner, it’s quite rare to find someone who isn’t experiencing this at least once per day.

We already know that stress is one of the biggest factors for diseases, health issues and many other unpleasant things, so how exactly can we get rid of this?

Well, there are numerous things that you can do. You can play sports, watch films, go out and party, hike some mountains, or, you can get a massage.

If you’ve tried all of the things above, but you still haven’t gotten a massage, you might be missing out on what seems to be the best cure for stress.

People who regularly attend massage sessions have confirmed that their levels of stress decreased significantly, and their mental focus and alertness boosted up by a lot.

What makes Thai Massage different?

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Thai Massage is different from other types because it doesn’t really focus on the same patterns, and the process itself requires both the masseur and the person getting the massage to collaborate.

Unlike other massaging methods, the Thai one uses very gentle and light pressure in order to relax the body of the person on the receiving end.

This combined with some of the light stretches and muscle probes will ensure maximal comfort and numerous health benefits, and while we’re at it, let’s take a look at some of them.

Health Benefits of Thai Massage

There are just so many of these that we don’t even know where to start from. Let’s go with the improved blood and lymph circulation first.

Doing any kind of stretching is highly beneficial for your body, and this has been confirmed by numerous studies and scientific researches.

As we already mentioned above, during a Thai massage, the masseur will also stretch your muscles while applying gentle pressure that relieves you from stress and tension, and improving your circulation as well. By doing this on a regular basis, you will have a much healthier heart.

Helps with headaches

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This one is connected with the one we just mentioned above, and since headaches are usually caused due to the lack of blood circulation, you will see a huge improvement in this area after just a couple of sessions. Stress can also cause headaches, and those might be even worse, but luckily, Thai massages are a great stress-relief, so there’s nothing to worry about.

If you want to get the most genuine experience and really see how a traditional Thai massage looks like, you can visit Palo Alto or Los Altos, and you can read more about all of this here.

Helps with sports performance

By constantly getting your muscles stretched, your range of motion will greatly improve for all kinds of movements that you might have to do in your discipline.

If you’re swimming, you’ll be able to swing your hands a lot better, or if you are lifting weights, you will be able to move the bar a lot better. Improved range of motion means a healthier body overall, but it also helps you become better at the discipline that you’re practicing.

Boosts mental focus

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When you’re not under any stress and tension, your mind is able to focus on problem-solving a lot more, and since Thai-Massage relieves you from all of that, it means that you’ll be able to perform much better at work or anywhere you’re required to think.

When you’re able to solve your problems easier, whether at home or at work, you are not overthinking, you’re not worried, and this means that you’re not creating any stress. It’s just a wonderful loop of productivity that can be achieved with regular massage sessions.

Helps with recovery

If you got injured recently, whether from playing sports or you just got into an unfortunate event, Thai Massage can really help you recover a lot easier due to all the stretches and improved oxygen in your tissues.

It can also help you prevent injury by making your body flexible and more durable, which is one of the main reasons why professional athletes are booking their sessions at least two times per week, or after every important match.

How often should I attend?

You don’t have to book a session every single day in order to enjoy all of the health benefits. In fact, once or twice per week is more than enough in order to feel better, more energized, relaxed and most importantly focused on your daily tasks. By doing it only once or twice per week, you also get to save a lot of money, because unfortunately, things that are healthy tend to be a bit more expensive nowadays.

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