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Alexis Ohanian
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Alexis Ohanian Net Worth 2019 – When the Internet Pays Off

The vast majority of people have probably never heard of Alexis Ohanian. However, we should mention that this man is best known for being `Serena Williams` partner, but, this is not what should characterize him since he is a very known investor and has a lot of business in internet technologies.

Personal Life

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He was born on the 24th of April in 1983 in Brooklyn, New York City, the USA. He is of Armenian origin since his great-grandparents come to the USA in 1915 after the Armenian people suffered holocaust from the Turks in the Eastern part of today’s Turkey that was then predominately inhabited by the Armenians. His father’s name is Chris Ohaniana and his mother’s name is Anke. It should be also mentioned that his mother was born in Germany. It should be also mentioned that Alexis had two very tragic moments in his life. The first one happened when his girlfriend went into a coma after an accident and the second one happened soon after that when a tumor was discovered in her mother. All this caused him not working for several months since he wanted to be there for his girlfriend and his mother.


As far as his education is concerned, we should mention that Alexis finished high school in Howard High School in Ellicott City which is located in Maryland, the USA. After this, he decided to attend the University of Virginia, which he successfully finished in 2005. His major was commerce and history.

Love Life

Alexiis Ohanian and Serena Williams
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This man is actually best known for his love with the world-famous tennis player called Serena Williams. The couple has been together for years and they crowned their relationship with the engagement that took place on the 10th December 2016. Soon after this, i.e. on the 1st September 2017, Alexis and Serena got a daughter and named her Alexis Olympia Ohanian.

Alexis Ohanian
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It is an interesting fact that Alexis and Serena were not married when they got their child, and they married after Serena gave birth to their daughter. To be more precise, they married two months after birth. The wedding ceremony took place in New Orleans, the USA, on the 16th of November 2017.



Alexis Ohanian, Cofounder of Reddit
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Not many people know that Alexis s one of the pioneers in internet entrepreneurship and that he started his career in internet business in 2005. He and his friend Steve Huffman were the ones that designed MyMobileMeny mutually. In order to have a backup plan, they decided to create another website so that they can have their money paid off. This is why they decided to create reddit.com. It should be noted that he is very active in charity work and that he even founded a company called Breadpig in 2007 and dedicated most of its income to charity purposes.


Alexis Ohanian
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2010 saw him leaving reddit.com and he then started to work for Microfinance. 2010 also saw his website called Hipmunk launched, and he also started to provide advisory services. His success and career did not go by unnoticed since Forbes included him in its list of 30 Under 30 for the contributions and influence in the Tech Industry. And this is not all since another recognition came in 2013 when Wired, a monthly USA-based magazine, gave him the title of “champion of innovation”. These are just some of the accomplishments and recognitions that he got since there are dozens of them, including 40 under 40 that was given by Crain Communications.

Net worth

Alexis Ohanian and his cat
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All this work and recognitions paid off eventually and Alexis generated a lot of money throughout the course of years. According to the estimates, his 2018 net worth is 10 million USD.  Most of that money comes from investments and doing business in the internet industry. The sale of reddit.com went for $20 million USD, this is his most “fruitful” sale. Some people may say that he did not earn that much, however, take into account that he started his career about ten years ago and that he is still working and making invocations in the internet industry and technologies. The biggest recognition that he can get is his names on the lists of two prestigious magazines, i.e. Forbes and Wired.

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