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5 Most Affordable Waterfront Cities in Florida To Live in 2024

Most people have dreamt about living near the ocean, in a waterfront home. However, most do not get the chance to live out that dream because the prices for waterfront properties are generally out of reach for most. But if you know what to look for, you can find some waterfront communities with affordable waterfront homes for sale. There are amazing cities in Florida, where you can live near the water, and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a detailed look at cities suggested by, where you can get the most for your money in the sunshine state today!

1. Port St Joe

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Known as the small town with a big heart, Port St Joe is set directly on the Gulf of Mexico and used to be a bustling port of commerce in the past. Now, the area is quiet and serene, a small town where you know all your neighbors. Living on the Gulf side of Florida feels like being transported into the past, especially in Port St Joe, where the Homes and Real Estate are still reminiscent of times past and Florida’s evolution from the 1800s till today.

Nowadays the people who live here enjoy a great lifestyle filled with, swimming, boating, fishing or, just hanging out at the local beaches. The area is known to have warm water year-round, and pristine beaches, where you can spend the entire day outside, without seeing another person around.

Most of the homes are cottage style and set near or on the water. You can buy a single-family waterfront home in Port St Joe for between $200k – $600k.

2. Key Largo

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Although Key Largo isn’t the cheapest place to live in Florida, it’s one of the most beautiful. Not to mention that the Florida Keys is a hotspot for people around the world who enjoy island-style life.

The Keys are a part of Florida, but when you are there, it doesn’t feel like it anymore. The Atlantic Ocean surrounds just about every square mile in the Keys and provides a unique water-friendly atmosphere that’s incorporated into everything.

Key Largo is just South of Miami, and the tip of the Keys if you’re headed South, with Key Largo being the most southern part, opposite of Key Largo.

There are a plethora of things to do outdoors like boating, world-class fishing, scuba diving on tropical reefs, and lounging on one of the hundreds of gorgeous beaches.

The shops in Key Largo feature products, clothing, and food that are produced locally. If you like to eat fresh seafood that was caught only hours before it hits your table, then you will love the waterfront restaurants that serve locally found seafood varieties.

Most of the homes are more expensive in the Keys because of the limited space, and desirable tropical location. Still, if you don’t need a big house, you can get something near the water starting from $600k.

3. Port Charlotte

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Located on Florida’s west coast between Sarasota and Punta Garda is a quaint beachfront town called Port Charlotte. Also, on the Gulf of Mexico, where all the waterfront properties are located. The unique location and coastline are filled with pristine beaches and calm ocean currents year-round.

The area caters to people that appreciate many outdoor activities like swimming, boating, fishing, yachting, or playing golf seaside.

Although there are some expensive homes and communities, there are some affordable waterfront Real Estate options to those willing to sacrifice on home size or locations.

Still, waterfront properties start from the mid $500K and up!

4. Boynton Beach

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Many smaller cities and towns are set directly on the water in Florida. Boynton Beach is in Palm Beach County and offers homes, townhomes, condos, and new waterfront homes.

The waterfront condos are an affordable way for anyone to live on the Intracoastal Waterway. Not only are the views breathtaking from your back porch, but these condos also have ocean access, and are only 2 minutes from the beaches.

Residents here enjoy proximity to world-class shopping centers, five-star dining, and numerous entertainment options.

Many properties include boat dockage, pools, and resident-only amenities like fitness centers, clubhouses, restaurants, and more for a monthly fee.

You can still find waterfront properties in Boynton Beach, starting from $350k and up!

5. Lake Worth

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Located directly north of Boynton Beach is Lake Worth, Florida, where you can find a home on or, near the water, for less than you might expect. Like its neighbor, you will find a lot of things to do in Lake Worth, Florida, like great surfing, fishing tournaments, swimming, boating, and anything else having to do with the outdoors.

There is a beachfront casino in downtown Lake Worth where you can have food, drinks, and play cards while watching people at the beach.

The fishing pier in Lake Worth is well known to locals as a hotspot for seasonal fish year-round. You will find people catching snook in the winter, and tarpon during the summer. Plus, you can eat lunch at the pier 55 restaurant, before or after you land a big one.

The area consists of single-family homes, duplex homes, and condos. Although the larger oceanfront homes cost millions of dollars, you can find a simple duplex near the ocean for under $300k.

There are waterfront condos available throughout Lake Worth, which are situated on the Intracoastal waterway. Although these are not oceanfront, they still provide ocean access by boat. Not to mention the beautiful water views that you can enjoy all year.

Condos in Lake Worth start from the high $ 200’s and up!


Many places across the nation offer waterfront living that most folks don’t think they could ever afford. Hopefully, some of the beautiful Florida cities appeal to your lifestyle needs and wants. More and more, people move to Florida each year. They are interested in waterfront homes to enjoy the fun, exciting, and relaxing lifestyle you can only find in the sunshine state. You don’t need to spend a million dollars to be a part of the waterfront living community.

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