9 Unexpected Places to Travel in 2024

New year, new travel destination! The year 2024 is expected to be filled to the brim with political controversy and a surge of activism. But if you’re looking to escape the scandalous headlines (even for just a weekend) then why not take a getaway to one of 2024’s up-and-coming tourist destinations? Whether you are looking for a thrilling jungle adventure or a chill beach to sunbathe on, we’ve got you covered for the best and most unique places to visit this year.


Unlike its populous cousin, Iceland, Greenland is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise—without the crowds. Iceland has spiked in popularity recently resulting in a mass tourism issue. If you are looking for an arctic adventure with some self-searching solitude, then Greenland should be on your list.

Best time to explore: Aim to go between June and September when temperatures are at a tolerable 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tokyo, Japan

With Tokyo hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics, this city is sure to get a lot of buzz at the start of the new decade. Business and first-class award seats are becoming increasingly available from the United States and hotels are making their debuts this year. And if you are a sports enthusiast, this is the perfect country to visit in 2024 due to Summer Olympics.

Best time to explore:Book your flight for right after the games’ opening ceremony (Friday, July 24) when ticket prices are expected to drop by more than 20 percent.

Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil

The strict environmental regulations governing this remote island have made it a secluded and serene sanctuary that is rare to see when traveling nowadays. Because of this, it’s a premier destination for scuba diving and wildlife so be sure to pack your camera! And after the trip, you can save all of your vacation memories using an online picture storage device. But make sure to check out this spot before it’s too late as Fernando de Noronha Island is gaining recognition, which means construction projects and a tourism boom are sure to follow.

Best time to exploreGo during Brazil’s drier months (June through September). This period is also the country’s off-season so you are sure to miss crowds and see a dip in airfare.

Bariloche, Argentina

If you are an astronomy nerd, then Bariloche, Argentina needs to be the spot you visit in December. A total solar eclipse and meteor shower will be visible to those in Argentine Patagonia, where Bariloche is located. This is the experience worth traveling to this country.

Best time to explore: Plan your trip for when the new moon and meteor shower occur (December 13) and the eclipse takes place on December 14. Stargazers are expected to have clear skies during the eclipse and agreeable temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sintra, Portugal

This Instagram-worthy tourist destination is just under 20 miles outside of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Capturing the multicolored architecture and exquisite gardens on your smartphone is sure to be a hit on your social media feed. Sintra is part of the country’s Riviera and famous as a retreat spot for the royalty.

Best time to exploreTravel to Portugal in the spring (March through May) when the country is in bloom.

Albanian Riviera

Albania is another great spot where you can escape the crowds but still get a picturesque vacation. While Eastern Europe’s Croatia is swarming with visitors, Albania’s pristine beaches are still relatively undiscovered so you will have a lot of places to find out and enjoy in them.

Best time to exploreVisit from April to June or September to October when you will miss the peak tourist season and sweltering temperatures.

Istanbul, Turkey

The eclectic culture of this city makes it a perfect 2024 destination. You will get a chance to explore both European and Middle Eastern civilization in Istanbul. There are so many cultural monuments in this city. You would most definitely enjoy in what the city has to offer.

Best time to exploreSpringtime, especially April, is best for a trip to Istanbul when the tulips and Judas trees are in bloom.


An always popular Hawaiian destination, Kauai’s Napali Coast was closed to travelers after a spate of floods that wrecked the island. Having recovered and implemented a new sustainable tourism plan, the island is ready to welcome visitors again.

Best time to exploreOpt to visit in June—Hawaii’s coolest summer month.

Alberta, Canada

Home to the famous Canadian Rockies, Alberta offers breathtaking natural views during the day—and night. Jasper National Park is a Dark Sky Preserve meaning the area follows light pollution regulations in order to sustain its exquisite stargazing experience. Simply, the view is mesmerizing.

Best time to exploreTravel during October when the Dark Sky Festival takes place from October 16th to the 25th.And no matter where you plan on traveling to this year, find international travel insurance with iSelect so you can be prepared before you go.

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