Monthly Archives: March 2020

3 Best New Robotic Pool Cleaners 2020

It`s an axiom that any pool requires regular cleaning. And as far as pools have recently stopped being a luxury and increasingly appeared in the backyards of average people like us, we all long to know how to maintain them most quickly and cheaply. Sure, there are three options: to …

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3 Trends That Will Shape Global Retail in 2020

The world of retail has taken considerable strides in recent times, specifically in the realm of technology and outreach. With the vast prevalence of online marketing, social media, and widespread accessibility due to the Internet, retailers today need to consider several factors to stay competitive and maintain consistent revenue streams. …

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How to Enhance Video Quality 2020

We live in a digital era that is constantly evolving, so, it is quite natural that video quality came a long way as well. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between footage recorded by a professional camera and one that was recorded with an iPhone. However, there …

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