15 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Parents-To-Be

Is your friend going to be a new mom/dad? Have they invited you for the baby shower celebrations and you have no idea what to get them?

Then this article will surely help you solve those problems.

More than buying a gift from a random store it is important to understand what to buy. So that your gift can be used, by the new parents instead of being kept in a cupboard.

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Here is a list of potential baby shower gifts you can buy:

1. Soothing sound device

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One of the biggest challenges after child-birth is surviving the day with a minimal amount of sleep. This device creates a soothing sound that will help the child sleep better at night and help parents get some much-needed rest.

2. Quick change crib sheets

The crib is one thing that gets the dirtiest and is a hassle to clean. Hence you can give the crib starter pack as a gift that has crib sheets that can easily be put on and zipped off. Also, it makes it very easy for them to be washed and put back on again.

3. No contact thermometer

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Taking temperature through mouth and armpit has always been a hassle. This no-contact thermometer will help take the temperature of the sleeping child without having to wake them up.

4. Portable diaper changing station

Are the new parents the couple who likes to travel a lot and are often found to be going on long drives? They wouldn’t certainly be stopping now and this changing station will be a big help to them. With the help of this device, all things can be accumulated into one place and are easy to carry around. They will surely love this gift and will be sure to remember you whenever they are out and about.

5. Mom recovery essentials

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Moms are the ones doing the hardest part of the job that is keeping the child inside them for 9 months whilst they become from a small ball to a full baby. During the process, they get stretch marks all over their bodies. As a baby-shower gift, you can get her oils and creams that will help her remove those stretch marks. She will be grateful for this gift for sure.

6. Silent door

Sleeping babies are the cutest and no guardian would want to wake them up especially since they take a lot of time to be put to sleep.  These silent doors will be attached to the door edge so if someone opens and closes the door there is no noise. Young ones have some super hearing abilities because of which they can detect the smallest noises.

7. Portable changing mat

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Unfortunately many malls still don’t have a changing room for the men’s bathroom and changing becomes a hassle. A portable changing mat will be very helpful for them when they are out and about nobody would want to put the fragile skinned babies on germ-filled counters.

8. Gentle nail trimmer

Cutting nails of those little fingers are hard and stressful because a little miss can hurt them badly. This gentle nail clipper will help take the stress of nail cutting off and the job can be done conveniently.

9. DockATots

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Carrying newborns in hands isn’t easy because they have to be balanced a certain way so that none of their body parts are stressed or harmed. With the help of these dockatots parents can easily carry them around and newborns can even snuggle up and sleep in them.

10. Ipads

Are you desperately trying to win the title of godmother or godfather? Then this is a gift that will surely be appreciated by both parties. There are a lot of good apps out there as well that help develops skills. Also using a parental app like Top Mobile Tracker or FamiSafe on the device will ensure that there is safe surfing on the internet at all times.

11. Warps

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Doing work as a new mother is hard because they are constantly busy keeping an eye out. The wrap will help keep the mother focused on the work without having to worry because the young one will be wrapped around here going everywhere she goes.

12. Mommy totes

Every mommy needs bags, the days of diaper bags are gone and now there are mommy totes which will have the new mommy looking stylish and sleek whilst she is out and about.

13. Newborn photo sessions

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With new duties of parenting and learning all things about it, they often forget taking pictures so why not give them an advance newborn photo session. This way they can heave pictures they will be able to treasure forever. The photographers are magicians and make things look so perfect.

14.Yearly scrapbook

Everybody likes to document moments, so why not give an accessory that will help them keep track of those moments. This yearly scrapbook will always be a part of their family treasure and by giving this as a gift you will become a part of it too. This can be a great gift by an uncle-to-be or an aunty-to-be. You can also check personalized book collections on smartstory.info.

15. Spa day

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Taking a break from responsibility is essential especially for the new mother. You can give them a spa booking which can be used by the mother whenever she pleases. She can use it when the father gives her a day off from baby-duty and she can finally relax using the spa day card you gave.

Giving gifts seems easy but when you put in factors that the gift should come in handy and be made use of it is a little difficult to choose.

Your friend is making this new journey of life and would want you to congratulate them in a special way. The expense behind the gift doesn’t matter as much as the thought put behind that gift matters.

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